SCBA Complementary Products

MSA A2 Software

MSA A2 Software offers the ability to customize your SCBA to meet your SOP, analyze use data, as well as provides a simple, reliable method to enhance firefighter safety and accountability on the fire scene by monitoring firefighters’ status remotely from incident command. 
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Nightfighter™ Heads-Up Display System

Clearly and easily see air cylinder content when wearing an MSA Ultra Elite Facepiece. This display system includes a transmitter assembly that securely mounts to the SCBA shoulder gauge pressure hose. Sends a digitally encoded signal to the facepiece-mounted receiver. Displays cylinder contents in one-quarter increments. Features 7 LED light patterns.
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ExtendAire System

This emergency breathing supply system (EBSS) accessory lets users quickly and easily connect to another’s air cylinder when needed. Tightly integrated with the SCBA, it provides easy access and unrestricted mobility during critical situations. The quick connect feature with integrated check valve prevents contamination by ambient air.
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RescueAire Portable Air-Supply System

The RescueAire II Portable Air-Supply System is designed to meet the needs of Rapid Intervention Teams (RITs). The system consists of a lightweight Carbon-Wrapped cylinder, Quick-Fill emergency breathing system, ExtendAire emergency breathing system, and an MMR regulator, supported by a flame and heat-resistant harness. The RescueAire II is a complete system that can provide emergency breathing air for most any victim and is available in both low-pressure (2216 psig) and high-pressure (4500 psig) versions.
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Compressed Airline Accessories

MSA compressed airline accessories help ensure proper air supply. Our pressure regulator helps maintain desired operating pressure, while our manifolds supply single source air to up to four respirators. MSA compressed airline accessories are designed especially for use with MSA airline systems.
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