Specialty Environment Harnesses and Lanyards

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JOIN THE RESISTANCE. MSA Specialty Harnesses and Lanyards provide durability when working in extreme environments. Penetrating substances such as oil, grease, water and paint can destroy a harness. For stainless steel corrosive environments, the Workman® Stainless Steel Full Body Harness and Workman Stainless Steel Lanyard are well-suited.  Components are resistant to harsh environments so they maintain durability when used in corrosive environments. Keep harnesses clean and in working condition. Join the resistance against harsh environments with MSA.

Part Number

Length: 592.000 MM (23.307 IN)
Width: 430.000 MM (16.929 IN)
Height: 205.000 MM (8.071 IN)
Weight: 1.924 KG (4.242 LB)

  • Workman Stainless Steel Harness and Lanyard component hardware are made of stainless steel and will increase the product life cycle when working in corrosive environments such as mining, food processing, water treatment and oil, gas, and petrochemical.
  • The Gravity Urethane Coated Harness is abrasion and moisture resistant and is suitable for working in harsh environments. The urethane coating is extremely easy to clean and maintain increasing the longevity of the product.
Markets: Construction, Construction, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: Working at Heights

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
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Full Body Harnesses

  • ANSI Z359.1
  • CSA Z259.10
  • OSHA

Energy-Absorbing Lanyards

  • ANSI Z359.13
  • CSA Z259.11