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The Z-Gard S Sensor is designed to detect the presence of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and combustible gases in air. These sensors employ solid state, electrochemical or catalytic sensors which generate a representative output signal proportional to the calibrated operating range. All Z-Gard S Sensors are available with 2 output versions, a 4-20mA analog output, or an addressable RS-485 digital signal. Z Gard Sensors with RS-485 digital output are specifically designed to operate as a system with any Z-Gard CXII or C 485 Controller. Z-Gard Sensors with 4-20mA can be installed as stand-alone sensors typically integrated with the Z-Gard C Controller, or common commercial equipment including PLC, DCS, or building automation systems.

  • 2 sensor output options: 4-20mA analog output or RS-485 digital signal.
  • Sensor status is shown by green OK LED, indicating proper device operation.
  • Switch drive output to percentages of full-scale. This feature is useful for testing remote devices which may be connected to the sensor output.
  • Easy one-person calibration of zero and span.
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