Full Face Masks

Advantage® 4200 Full-Facepiece Respirator

Precision crafted to cover a wide variety of respiratory applications, our Advantage 4200 Facepiece works with several different MSA respirators to provide comfortable, cost-efficient performance. Available in both silicone and Hycar, this unit comes in three standard sizes for a snug fit. The facepiece also features a rubber or net harness, and every mask features a standard nosecup for reduced fogging in low-temperature or high-moisture environments.
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Ultra Twin-HR

Ultra Twin-HR is a full-face dust respirator approved as the replaceable type, RL3 classification of the Japanese regulation. The unique shaped sealing surface offers stable and excellent fit. And the unique structure flowing inhalation through inside of the lens in combination with the nosecup helps eliminating the lens fogging. Also, the spectacle kit option allows users to work with a same vision as wearing their eyeglasses. (Prescription lenses should be prepared by users.)
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